In Australia, Graeme’s publicist is:
Jane Novak
Publicity Manager
Text Publishing
Swann House
22 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 03 8610 4510
Fx: 03 9629 8621

For publicity inquiries about the Rosie Project in other countries:

In the US:
Julia Prosser
Deputy Director of Publicity
Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
Tel: 212-698-7529

In the UK:
Clare Parker
Penguin UK
80 Strand, London

In Canada:
Julia Barrett
Harper Collins

For Italy:
Valentina Fortichiari

4 thoughts on “contact

  1. Dear Graeme,
    We, our reading club, red your book Rosie with great pleasure and had fine discussion about it. The only think we couldn’t find out (with certainty) is: who is the father of Rosie?
    Would you be so kind to help us?

    Bernadet from Holland

    • Remember he tests the blood from the Phil’s Gym shirt and decides he doesn’t need to test any more. He has the solution. So Rosie’s father is Phil. Rosie’s mother thought it was not possible for two blue-eyed parents to have a brown-eyed child, but, as Don explains earlier, it is rare but not impossible. Rosie’s mother DID have a brief affair – with Geoffrey Case – and didn’t tell Rosie because she was too young (and Case had committed suicide) and didn’t tell Phil because Phil was a big footballer who might have taken action…

  2. Thank you from a participant for your Sept 8th workshop ‘Short Fiction’ at Brisbane Writers Festival. Your presentation was enormously generous and you have both widened my horizons and helped me to focus on the skills I need to develop for my writing.
    I have also appreciated this blog. I watched your YouTube ‘Prisoners Dilemma’ with interest because in my speculative fiction novel ‘The Grass Is Always Browner’, Zeus, 2011, my climax has a two-play of the Prisoners’ Dilemma which tests the practical reality of the Ogden Nash multi-play strategy.

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