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G.C. Simsion & Associates, education in consulting skills and data modelling.

General information about The Rosie Project including list of international publishers.

News about the US Publication of the The Rosie Project.

News about the Australian Publication of the The Rosie Project.

The Rosie Project, a novel by Graeme Simsion and winner of the 2012 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript was published in Australia by Text Publishing on 30 January, 2013. Rights have been sold in 40 countries.

The screenplay of The Rosie Project has been optioned to Sony Pictures. My agent (screenwriting only) is Rich Green, at Resolution, Los Angeles.

Graeme Simsion’s Tedx Talk, Its all design, from IT projects to The Rosie Project, can be viewed by clicking here.

Latest News – Writing & Production

Lots of excitement around the US publication of The Rosie Project on October 1 2013. For the latest, see The Simon and Schuster Author Page

Graeme is currently working on a sequel to The Rosie Project. Publication in Australia expected in 2014.

August 17 marks 6 months for The Rosie Project in the Australian independent booksellers top 10 – their top selling book for first half of 2013.

Micro fiction in The Guardian.

My short story Three Encounters with the Physical placed second (from 850 entries) in The Age Short Story Competition for 2012.  It appeared in The Age on 12 Jan 2013. You can read it at http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/books/three-encounters-with-the-physical-20130111-2cl32.html.

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  1. Mr Simsion, it was such a pleasure to meet you again this morning at the train station in Cologne after listening to you yesterday evening. I postet out Photo on your Facebook Page :-)
    Thank you so much for Rosie. She’s a real Lady. I love the book. It is so much fun to read.
    I hope you enjoyed Cologne :-)
    Best wishe,
    Janina S

  2. I don´t speak/write english very well, sorry for that but hope this comment is understandable. Just want to thank you for writing your book which in Spanish is intitled “The wife project”. I just can´t stop laughing, but also thinking that through your great sense of humor, the book really can help people to understand a lot about people with Asperger, bipolar or any other so called mental illness. Thank you for writing, and please don´t stop. I´ll be waiting for your next book, and if you come to Chile, my husband and I will be thrilled tou invite you home for a dinner, but not lobster!

    • Many thanks for being in touch… Your English is fine! Thank you for the kind words, and I can confirm that the sequel will be published later this year. We’ve visited Chile only very briefly so would love to find an excuse to visit again.

      Kind regards

  3. Thank you for this wonderful book. It was very cleverly written and very insightful with your sympathetic depiction of this lovable professor with Asperger’s as well as the other characters in the novel. As the mother of a young man with Asperger’s as well as savant characteristics, I live this everyday….veering between exasperation, to being charmed…never a dull moment. My son is one of the most gentle, loving and quirky/innovative but ultimately misunderstood students in his university. Obviously he struggles with social acceptance but he is thankfully a very optimistic person, can’t be easy but he tries his best to fit in. There was a lovely Hindi movie “My Name is Khan” starring the very lovable Shah Rukh Khan in the title role, which was the only other story that comes quite in this league- featuring an Asperger’s hero that was quite so upbeat and ultimately optimistic. Thank you ever so much!

  4. So, you have a new fan in the USA, in Michigan to be more exact. I had read about your book in Entertainment Weekly and asked to be notified when it showed up at my local library. Now I will be looking to purchase some copies so I can share them with my friends. I hope you are serious about a sequel because I am anticipating another wonderful read.

  5. I have attended a monthly book review group for the last couple of years but I have had a great deal of trouble engaging with my selected novels. I began to lose confidence in my ability to enjoy and complete a novel. Then my daughter gave me a signed copy (at Noosa) of The Rosie Project and I couldn’t put it down. Due to Xmas related interruptions I took about three days to read your laughter and thought provoking novel. I’m familiar with Asperges and Autistic syndromes and it was good to have fun with the quirkiness and be reminded that humanity is blessed with different characters who can be extraordinary people.

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